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Wonderful Clients

To my wonderful clients,

You have been so awesome about wearing your face coverings, washing your hands, wearing slip off shoes to leave outside the treatment room and bringing minimal personal items in with you. According to Salt Lake County Health Department, we are still in the orange moderate risk phase so we will continue practicing these safety precautions until further notice.

You have been so kind to support my business through these trying times and it has been an honor to provide some touch therapy during this long stretch of social distancing. A very big thank you to those who rescheduled because they weren’t feeling well, or thought they might have been exposed to COVID-19, I really appreciate your thoughtfulness in keeping us all safe. I’m extremely grateful to be able to work and keep my two year old business afloat; I couldn’t do it without you!

August Specials

Microdermabrasion FaciaL
Microdermabrasion is a physical exfoliation of hard, dead skin cells from the surface layer of the epidermis, known as the stratum corneum. This layer of the epidermis is nicknamed the “horny layer” because if you look at it under it microscope, it looks like little horns pointing up from the surface. Using a fine spray of aluminum oxide crystals, a wand is guided across the skin in several different patterns to buff off these “little horns” whiles a vacuum removes the debris. Microdermabrasion also circulates blood and lymph through the tissue, helping to detox the skin, resulting in less breakouts. Paired with customized cleanses, treatment masque, serums and hydrator, this facial reveals softer, brighter skin! Advanced clients may want to add a vitamin C enzyme treatment for a extra boost. Microdermabrasion is on sale for the month of August. $85

Free Lira HEALTH Hand Sanitizer with a $200 purchase of Lira Skincare

During the month of August, while supplies last, with your purchase $200 or more of Lira Clinical Skincare, you will receive a free 6oz Lira HEALTH Hand Sanitizer! Ensure skin’s integrity is maintained with this terpene-rich anti-bacterial and anti-microbial hand sanitizer. Its therapeutic scent utilizes monoterpenes from mastiha oil in the exclusive MASQ-techTM method. Strengthen skin immunity while combating microbes on-the-go with a comforting scent offered only by Lira Clinical.