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Reveal Beautiful Skin

corrects photo damage

Mineral Retinol Seal Facial $75

A Mineral Retinol Seal Facial uses plant stem cells and advanced ingredients to aid healing, restoration and reveal beautiful skin. It harnesses the power of gold and colloidal silver minerals. These anti-inflammatory and cell repairing properties make it a wonderful tool to help correct photo damage, acne, uneven pigmentation and other signs of aging. Show yourself some love and come in for our February special because nobody treats you better, than you can treat yourself!

Reveal beautiful skin

If you haven’t visibly peeled with prior solutions, you will this time! This 4% retinol solution will boost your collagen production. It helps you visibly shed another layer of old, sun damaged skin cells. Let’s take skin exfoliation to the next level and reveal the beautiful skin within. Choose a regularly priced $85 peel sealed with Lira’s Mineral Retinol Solution and the Mineral Retinol Solution is on me! This brings your price down to $75.

Reveal Beautiful Skin

Your choice of peel solutions:

Vitabrite Solution

30% vitamin C with enzymes (repairs health of skin / brightens skin)

Pumpkin Plus Definer 

35% blend of lactic & glycolic AHA with pumpkin enzyme (targets age management/ brightens skin)

Lactic Clear Definer

50% lactic acid AHA plus salicylic BHA (targets pigment and acne)

Hydroxy 30 Rebuilder

30% glycolic (targets age management / collagen booster)

*this offer excludes the Mineral TCA Rebuilder, Mineral Jessner Rebuilder and the Microchanneling Collagen Rebuilder




20% OFF all Lira Clinical Retail

Showing You The Love

Get a 20% discount on all Lira Clinical Retail for the month of February 2020. Please feel free to stock up on your favorite products or add something new to your skincare regime. I’m a happy to customize a product routine just for you and your personal skin care needs.  I may also recommend different products as your needs change. As always if you ever have questions, please feel free to ask. I really care about skin science and I’m always happy to share my knowledge with you.
**Please note that the Bio Hydra C Serum is on back order and won’t be available for me to stock until mid February.