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January Special Offers

New Year New You - Jan. 2019

Chemical season is in full effect! Many of you have been showing up for the monthly special since we started chemical peeling in October. You are now prepped and primed for stripping away multiple old layers and showing off the new you for the new year. For the January special I’m offering a $20 discount on the two most popular resurfacing peels, the Mineral TCA Rebuilder and the Green Power Rebuilder.

The TCA is not for the faint of heart. You will experience deep, noticeable peeling so you’ll need some downtime away from social activities and work, perfect for after the holidays! You’ll also need the recommended Lira post care to boost your results and get you comfortably through your peel. I’m offering 10% off all post care products this month.
Now if the TCA sounds too scary or doesn’t fit your schedule this month, I encourage you to do the Green Power Rebuilder. It’s a natural alternative to microneedling for half the cost. The Green Power is literally a green powder herbal mixture that when rubbed into the skin, creates open micro path ways for deeper product penetration and inducing collagen. This non-chemical peel is suitable for all skin types and can be applied at varying strengths, so just let me know how much you want to peel and I’ll make it happen.

Our preferred Post Chemical Peel Products


 Monthly Facial Specials
Mineral TCA Rebuilder
This high performance TCA blend combines salicylic acid and trichloroacetic acid with a special peeling agent for the most effective professional strength peel available. Fade brown spots, tighten pores and stimulate collagen with one peel. (face, neck & décolleté) On sale $90 (regularly $110)
Green Power Rebuilder
This organic mechanical exfoliator combats pre-mature aging, scarring & pigmentation. A natural alternative to microneedling, this unique blend of salicylic compounds and herbs create a noticeable collagen boost in a single treatment (face, neck & décolleté) On sale $90 (regularly $110)

10% Off All Post Care Products

I would like to make sure you have the home care you need when going home after a chemical peel, it makes a world of difference in your healing time and boosts your results. On sale products are:
Bio Caviar Creme
Solar Shield 30
Pro Lite TX
Hydra C Serum
Bio Recovery Balm