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End of Summer Skin Calming Facials

The end of summer is upon us. I hope you all are staying cool and keeping calm! Between finishing up the last of the summer’s activities, squeezing in that family vacation and getting the kiddos back in school, August can be a very busy month. If you know me, you are familiar with me referencing the current planetary action and boy we had a slew of it through July! Eclipses, retrogrades and full/new moon energies galore, oh my! I encourage you to take time for yourself this month. Breathe deeply, stretch, take Epson salt baths, get a massage, come see me for a facial. Whatever it is that gets you to that calm place, even if it is only for an hour, I promise it will recharge your battery and allow for these intense energies to pass through. August is the last month I’ll have a monthly facial special focused on skin calming. In September, we’ll start chemical peel season, (my personal favorite!) beginning with the more gentle solutions and increasing in strength and depth as the months go on through fall and winter.

August Specials

Coastal Clarity Facial 1 hr $70
Attain beautifully balanced skin with this cooling and clarifying treatment. Detox, hydrate and bring tired skin back to life with purifying charcoal, coastal botanicals and energizing vitamin C. Lift and minimize the appearance of fine lines with deep sea sourced ingredients and exfoliating tropical fruit enzymes. (Regularly $85.00)
*please book as European Facial when booking your appointment online


Lira Clinical’s ICE Line 20% Off Sale

Please ask me which product from Lira’s reparative ICE line would be the most beneficial for your specific skin type. There is a cleanser, serum, night lotion, acne spot treatment and treatment masque to choose from. All products are full of skin brighteners to fade pigment from injury and probiotics to calm redness from inflammatory conditions such as acne, rosacea, and eczema.