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Chemical Peel


Chemical Peel season is in full effect! Many of you have been showing up for the monthly special since we started chemical peeling in October. As a matter of fact you are now prepped and primed for stripping away multiple old layers and showing off the new you for the new year. Let’s peel 2020 right off!

The trichloroacetic acid peel (TCA) is not for the faint of heart. Mineral TCA combines salicylic acid and trichloroacetic acid with a special peeling agent for the most effective professional strength peel available. You will experience deep, noticeable peeling. Expect some downtime away from social activities and work. It’s easier to accomplish as a result of the COVID times we live in. Together with Lira post care, we’ll boost your results and keep you comfortable through the peeling process.

chemical peel before and after

7 Day Chemical Peel Process

This photo collage is my seven day TCA peel-a-thon.

Day one, my skin was hot and kind of swollen.

Day two, my skin was hot, very red, and tight. It also started breaking up around the nose and chin by the end of the day.

Days three and four saw major peeling. The new skin underneath was very sensitive and the skin that had not peeled yet was tight and itchy, consequently my skin needed a lot of extra moisturizer.

Day five, the new skin dried out and lightly peeled again. It wasn’t looking pretty.

Days six and seven were the easiest. The new skin had calmed down and started to look radiant and healthy.

To sum up, it does take a little downtime but is so worth the result.

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