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Author: Rivkah

Chemical Peel season is in full effect! Many of you have been showing up for the monthly special since we started chemical peeling in October. As a matter of fact you are now prepped and primed for stripping away multiple

To my wonderful clients, You have been so awesome about wearing your face coverings, washing your hands, wearing slip off shoes to leave outside the treatment room and bringing minimal personal items in with you. According to Salt Lake County Health

COVID-19 UPDATE Dear Friends, Clients and Supporters of The Skincare Therapist community, We've made some changes due to Covid-19. As of March 20, 2020, The Skincare Therapist halted provision of all facials, microblading, and beauty enhancements services to honor the social distancing that

Mineral Retinol Seal Facial $75 A Mineral Retinol Seal Facial uses plant stem cells and advanced ingredients to aid healing, restoration and reveal beautiful skin. It harnesses the power of gold and colloidal silver minerals. These anti-inflammatory and cell repairing properties

Thermoclear Pro RF Treatments Now Available Let's chat all things Thermoclear Pro, What is it & what can it do for your skin? ThermoClear Pro is a leading radio frequency skin treatment system. It allows doctors & estheticians to treat epidermal skin imperfections